Q Foundation for Kids

Our Board

Members of the Board of Trustees for the Q Foundation for Kids® donate their time and efforts as volunteers to further the mission of the Q Foundation.  The members of this board are non-reimbursed volunteers who pay all of their expenses personally to allow more money to go towards the benefit of the children in need.  Additionally, all Trustees are donors to the Q Foundation for Kids as they work diligently to enhance the benefits provided


Bergenske, Gary
Chairman (2020)

Carr, Larry
Vice Chairman (2021)

Bell, James (Jay)
Secretary (2022)

Steed, Richard (Rich)
Treasurer (2021)


Berard, Gordon  (2022)


Horton, Arthur

Atha, Norman

Parton, Jerrald (Jerry)
Vice Chairman (2022)

Harris, Charles (Stretch)   (2022)

Hernández, Andrés  (2022)

Mosier, Donald (Don) (2020)

Wogatske, Robert (Bob) (2022)

Babilonia, Marcos (2022)

Note: 12 Trustees, 7 required for a forum

Term expiration listed above

(2020) = 5       (2021) = 2      (2022) = 7

Q Foundation for Kids® Committee’s

Foundation Executive Committee (4 members)

Chairman Gary Bergenske

Vice-Chairman Larry Carr

Secretary Jay Bell

Treasurer Rich Steed


Finance Committee (3 member minimum)

Chaired by Foundation Chairman Gary Bergenske

Treasurer Rich Steed

Trustee Don Mosier


Gift Acceptance Committee (3 member minimum)

Chaired by Foundation Treasurer Rich Steed

Vice-Chairman Jerry Parton

Secretary Jay Bell

And such other members as the Committee Chairman may name.


Nominations Committee (3 member minimum)

Chaired by Secretary Jay Bell

Trustee Art Horton

Trustee Norm Atha


Investment Committee (5 to 9 members, 2 must be Trustees)

Chaired by Trustee Vice-Chairman Larry Carr

Trustee Don Mosier

Trustee Jerry Parton

And such other members as the Committee Chairman may name.

Annual Fund Committee (3 member minimum)

Combining Corporate Sponsorship Committee, Foundation Funding Committee And Donor Development Committee

Chaired by Trustee Art Horton

Foundation Treasurer Rich Steed

Trustee Andrés Hernández


Grant Assistance Review Committee (3 member minimum)

Chaired by Foundation Secretary Jay Bell

Harvey Solomon, Committee secretary (Non-Trustee)

Trustee Dave Pirie

Trustee Stretch Harris


Jurisprudence and Legislative Committee (3 members)

Chaired by Foundation Legal Counsel Stretch Harris

Foundation Chairman Gary Bergenske

Michael Carr (Non-Trustee)

And such other members as the Committee Chairman may name.


Corporate Sponsorship Committee (3 members)

Combined with Annual Fund Committee, Foundation Funding Committee & Donor Development Committee.


Marketing, Social Media and Public Relations Committee (3 members)

Chaired by Trustee Gary Bergenske

Loran Goff (Non-Trustee)

Trustee Dave Pirie

Trustee Jerry Parton

Trustee Stretch Harris

Trustee Andrés Hernández

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