The Q Foundation for Kids has awarded Love A Child a grant to cover the costs of transportation, meals and housing for Dieubon so that he can receive the care he needs from the Shriners Hospital for Children. The Q Foundation for Kids is a non-profit foundation that helps kids selected for treatment in the Shriners Hospital system with the transportation costs and other expenses of coming to the hospital for treatment. Dieubon’s case is one of the first to be awarded this grant. Their donation is covering Dieubon’s airfare and housing expenses and allows him to receive the surgery and care donated by the Shriners Hospital. Their Trustee Jay Bell said they have a high interest in Dieubon’s case and wanted to make sure he had no problem being able to come to the Shriners Hospital in Tampa for their excellent care. We want to thank Jay Bell and members of the Q Foundation for awarding this grant. We also want to thank Rad and Sandra Hazelip for hosting Dieubon during his stay in Florida.