Our fun, games, and fellowship may have come to a halt due to COVID 19 these past few months, but your Q Foundation for Kids® has been active, not missing a beat. Over the summer months the Foundation has participated in supporting the costs of an Air-Ambulance for 3 critically burned children. These efforts are making a difference in the lives of children and we thank every Warrior for your assistance.
Our Trustees and their committees have stayed busy doing the work that supports our efforts. Our website www.Q4Kids.org continues to be improved almost weekly. The Foundations Facebook page is steadily growing, please share it with your friends to help it grow even more. A new beautiful brochure has been developed for use in sharing our message with others with the hope of inspiring them to donate to our cause. A BIG thank you goes out to all of our Trustees for their dedicated work.

Being a member of the Order of the Quetzalcoatl brings with it many benefits, one of which is being a part of this Foundation. I ask every member to consider making a donation to assist in our mission of helping children in need. Monthly giving starts at only $5 per month and you may sign up on the Foundations website at www.Q4Kids.org.

We continue to look for additional Trustees for our Q Foundation, if you have an interest please contact us. We will also be asking for a member from every Teocalli and Association to be a liaison from the Foundation. It is important we keep the information flowing to and from in order to find our best success. We need every Warrior on this TEAM.

With best wishes and a big Olé

Gary Bergenske Chairman
Q Foundation for Kids ®